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Ready to change your life? Register for one of the programs below.

From Belief to Action: Pilot Program - $250

Have you tried everything to try to get out of your own way, but not achieved the success you hoped for? If you're hungry for transformative change but skeptical about whether you can achieve it, this program is for you! Try two hours of personal, one-on-one coaching at a reduced rate and see whether it's right for you.
With this pilot program, you get:
  • Two hours of personal coaching aimed at achieving specific goals that seem to perpetually remain just out of reach, scheduled at your convenience.
  • Extra support between sessions via email or text
  • A complimentary copy of one of Coach Jack's currently available ebooks.
  • Free access to one current teleseminar recording or attendance at any one live teleseminar of your choice.
Sign up today and see how the "From Belief to Action" coaching program can change your life.

Eventbrite - From Belief to Action - Pilot Program

From Belief to Action: Full Program - $475

Are you hungry for change? Do you believe strongly in yourself and know what to do to achieve your goals, yet you seem to get "stuck" when it comes time to take action? Targeted coaching can help you uncover hidden beliefs keeping you stuck and become empowered to act on your own ideas.

With this program you get:
  • Four hours of targeted coaching aimed at discovering and dismantling resistance to putting your ideas into action.
  • A complimentary copy of any TWO available ebooks.
  • Discounts on additional coaching sessions
  • Free access to any FOUR available teleseminar recordings OR live teleseminars.
Sign up today and begin seeing your life change right away!

Eventbrite - From Belief to Action - Full Program

Teleseminar Club - $99/month

Enjoy a new hour of inspiration every Thursday at 9 EST/6 PST. Coach Jack provides insight about a wide variety of topics of interest to highly talented people who are working on overcoming self-sabotage. Club membership includes:

  • Four teleseminars a month, complete with slides, verbal info and the opportunity to ask questions
  • Free access to replays of each teleseminar.
  • Discounts and special offers related to one-on-one coaching programs.
Click here for a list of current and past teleseminar topics.

Self-Creation Coaching Packages

  • Monthly Package (4 hours): $375
  • Quarterly Package (12 hours): $925
If you are unusually committed to personal growth, a self-creation coaching package may be for you. These packages offer you reduced rates on focused one-on-one coaching opportunities, email and text support in between sessions and priority access to new programs, workshops and classes. 

Each package entitles you to a certain number of hours of coaching. Flexible scheduling is available. We can do two 30 minute sessions a week, two hours every other week or whatever works for you. This is your program, your way, to create the YOU that you dream of!

Individual Items

  • One-on-one coaching session - $125 
  • Individual teleseminar - $29