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Current Teleseminars

From Past Pain to Present Joy - August 8, 2013 @ 730 PM EST

If you're struggling to overcome painful experiences from the past, your present and future may seem hopeless. You CAN overcome, however. Learn how to use your past pain to motivate and empower you to create a better present instead of allowing it to drag you down.

Your Worst Self, Your Best Friend - August 15, 2013  @ 730 PM EST
Are you your own worst enemy? Learn how your inner saboteur is trying to protect you and come to see yourself as a source of strength.

Embrace Your Greatness - August 22, 2013 @ 730 PM EST
Are you afraid of your own potential? Sometimes it's hard to accept our gifts and talents because they make us stand out and because we've gotten too used to living below our abilities. Learn how to truly accept, embrace and use all of your gifts for your own and the world's benefits.

Become Unstoppable - August 29, 2013 @ 730 PM EST
In the past three weeks, we've examined how to integrate fear, anger and pain so you can accept and use your gifts. Now, in this final teleseminar for August, we will discuss integrating your rational and emotional selves so you can become truly unstoppable.

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